Recently I got a Nintendo Wii. The bundle came with the new Rayman game, which has been a huge hit. My friends and I have been playing a lot, and have found some useful tips.

Bunnies Have a Great Ear for Music

Idea of the game: Point at off-key bunnie and give them a smack.

Trick: There's a single pattern for the whole thing. You'll start at some random point in the pattern, but after that just follow it and you'll score high.

The Pattern:

     __  __  __
    | 6||11|| 8|
   __  __  __  __
  |10|| 4|| 9||12|
 __  __  __  __  __
| 7|| 1|| 2|| 3|| 5|

If that's not good enough I'll be posting some pictures soon to help you out.

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