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Audio of My UTOSC Presentation

I gave a presentation this past fall at UTOSC about various programming tips I've learned while I worked on Oggify. The audio from this was recorded and is now available. Enjoy.

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UTOSC Slides and Related Files

I presented at UTOSC this year, presenting a series of tips and best practices that I've learned from Oggify. Entitled Things I've Learned From Oggify, the slides are available on the conference site. There are a few files I used in the presentation which I have put in a tar and uploaded. Enjoy!

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Christer Edwards — Building Community

So Christer gave an interesting presentation here at UTOSC on building community. For those who don't know, Christer is the founder of the Ubuntu Utah team and co-founder of the US teams. I remember a few years ago when he showed up on the scene and starting the Utah team. The LoCo (Local Communtiy) groups in the US have exploding in the past year, and Christer headed up a large amount of it.

So in his presentation he talked about why Ubuntu has become such a big deal in the Linux world. He attributed it to community. He talked about how community is people. All the great Open Source projects have been community focused. The other distributions that are attached to commercial projects have a focus in the end on the bottom line. They're doing things that will help them, and then they think about the community. Ubuntu ...

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UTOSC GPG Keysigning Events

At UTOSC there will be two GPG Keysigning events. One will be tonight, but the large one will be tomorrow night during the BOF time. If you want to participate I need your information: the output of gpg --fingerprint Send that to and I'll add you to the list. Remember to read the instructions and come prepared for the event.

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UTOSC Starting

Well I'm sitting here listening to Matt Asay speak about Open Source in Utah and how it can really get a hold here. Bruce Perens will be up next and the Utah Open Source Conference is looking very good.

I'm still doing a Django presentation, and am looking to throwing a BOF together.

Also, there is a GPG key-signing party with teh conference that I'll be hosting.

All in all, it looks like a good weekend.

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