Building Cocoa GUIs in Python with PyObjC, Part One


Building GUIs for Apple OS X traditionally meant you would code in Objective C. To overcome this issue people have made programming bridges to allow development in other languages. PyObjC is the project that enables Python programmers to take advantage of Cocoa, Apple's development environment. I recently began learning how to use PyObjC, and how to make (almost) pure Python GUI applications.

PyObjC isn't new, it has been around for a while, and there is actually a pretty good tutorial for wiring an interface up with Python. Leopard (10.5) ships with Python 2.5 and PyObjC 2.0, meaning there is nothing we need to install. Additionally Apple has also shipped support for Python in Xcode. This makes certain things much easier.

The current tutorial directs a user to build an interface, and then take the generated Nib file* and run a script that generates the ...

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Building Cocoa GUIs in Python with PyObjC, Part Two

Starting A Cocoa-Python Application

Getting started is easy. First, install the Developer Tools if you haven't yet. Now launch Xcode and start a new project. Select "Cocoa-Python Application". You'll be presented with the following window.

xcode project window

Before we begin, go ahead and double-click on "MainMenu.xib (English)" and put together your interface. We're going to make a tag editor, so give yourself a window with:

  1. Text fields for things like: Name, Artist, Album, Track Number, Genre.
  2. Buttons for two actions: Revert and Save & Close.
  3. Menu items for: Open, Save, Revert to Saved, Close. Keep the edit menu, window menu, and help.

If you prefer, use mine. It already as all the needed connections made, the code is all that is missing.

Now we will start the controller. Create a new file for the project of the type "Python NSWindowController subclass". Name it something like "".

To tell ...

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Drafts Do Not Go Into The Feed

Remember kids, do not feed your feed drafts. It is unprofessional.

Blog updated to filter out drafts in the RSS feed.

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Building Cocoa GUIs in Python with PyObjC, Part Three

Writing A Python Controller

First let's add your new controller into the GUI. Add an object from "Objects & Controllers" into your GUI. Now click on it and bring up the "Identity" tab in the inspector. The first drop-down lets you select a class, find "controller" and pick it.

Now Open up your newly created with your favorite text editor, and we'll begin.

#  QuickTag
#  Created by Scott Paul Robertson on 6/11/08.
#  Copyright (c) 2008 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.

from objc import YES, NO, IBAction, IBOutlet
from Foundation import *
from AppKit import *

class controller(NSWindowController):

There are two parts we will be adding, the Outlets (variables) and Actions (methods). first lets add a few outlets to the class controller.

    name = IBOutlet()
    artist = IBOutlet()
    albumArtist = IBOutlet()
    album = IBOutlet()

These class variables can now be connected to various fields in your GUI. In Interface Builder ...

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