So Christer gave an interesting presentation here at UTOSC on building community. For those who don't know, Christer is the founder of the Ubuntu Utah team and co-founder of the US teams. I remember a few years ago when he showed up on the scene and starting the Utah team. The LoCo (Local Communtiy) groups in the US have exploding in the past year, and Christer headed up a large amount of it.

So in his presentation he talked about why Ubuntu has become such a big deal in the Linux world. He attributed it to community. He talked about how community is people. All the great Open Source projects have been community focused. The other distributions that are attached to commercial projects have a focus in the end on the bottom line. They're doing things that will help them, and then they think about the community. Ubuntu has never cared about that, but rather focuses on the community, the people who use it.

The community focus allows people to come together from largely diverse group of people. He compared it to a hamburger: meat, bread and cheese. Each on its own is good, but together they make something great. From here Christer discussed how you bring these disparate pieces together. Once again the answer is people. You get people whose focus is to pull people together to make the pieces fit. Some of the few paid Canonical positions are for that level of interaction.

It was a very good presentation and I thought the emphasis on community as people is something that makes a lot of sense with software. Good software is designed for people. That's something I try to keep in mind as I work on my various projects.

Posted: Sep 08, 2007 | Tags: utosc

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